Visa to Spain

Type of visa

Type C- the most popular visa for tourist trips and for studying in Spain on the course, which lasts less than 90 days.

Type D- a national visa if your stay in Spain is more than 90 days.

After determining your type of Visa, you need to prepare the appropriate package of documents. There are different requirements for each type of visa.

Standard package of documents
  • Application form

  • Valid Passport

  • Internal Passport

  • The photo

  • Medical insurance

  • Reference from work 

  • Confirmation of financial solvency

  • Grounds for the trip

Residence permit in Spain

To issue a residence in Spain have the right:

a) citizens who are employed or self-employed;

b) sufficient financial security for themselves and their family members, as well as public or private health insurance covering all risks in Spain;

c) students enrolled in a public or private educational institution;

d) family members:

   - spouse or children;

   - children under 21 years of age, or older if incapacitated.

Interested parties in obtaining a residence permit in Spain will have to personally file an application with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the province (of Oficina de Extranjeros), where they intend to stay and register their place of residence in the relevant political sector (Comisaría de Policía).


The application must be submitted within three months from the date of entry into Spain, obtaining a certificate of registration, which includes the name and surname, citizenship and address of residence, the identification number of the alien and the date of registration.

Package of documents:

In addition to the application, a valid passport is attached, as well as the original and a copy of the document, depending on the type of residence the applicant requests:

а) student-enrollment in an educational institution;

b) an employee is a work contract; on yourself- any document confirming this provision;

c) documents confirming financial security;

d) family members - confirmation of family relations, for example, marriage certificate, birth certificate of children.

Visa to Spain in 5 steps




Prepare documents


Get a visa


Request a residence in Spain


Get a NIE number

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