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To get a Higher Education in Spain means to get a high level of training, and to enhance your professional skills and capabilities in a privileged environment.

Universities in Spain and business schools offer a huge selection of programs in various branches of science.

Training is conducted in two or three languages, that is, Spanish, English and

university, if your choice has stopped, for example at the University of Barcelona, ​​then the teaching is conducted in the Catalan language.

Also there are training programs in English only.


More than 100 destinations. Bachelor's program in English. Choose your specialty.

Health Science

Nursing matter. Pharmaceuticals. Physiotherapy. Speech therapy. Medicine. Human nutrition and diet. Stomatology. Optics and optometry. Psychology. Veterinary Medicine.

The science

Ecological science. Geology. Applied statistics. Physics. Mathematics. Chemistry. Nanoscience and nanotechnology.


Biology. Biochemistry. Genetics. Microbiology. Biomedicine.

Art and Humanities.

Archeology. Art and design. Design. Classical research. Languages. Philosophy. History of art. Musicology. Translation and interpretation.

Social and legal sciences

Business administration and management. Social and cultural anthropology. Political science. Right. Audiovisual communication. Accounting and finance. Criminology. Labor Relations. Hotel management.

Economy. Preschool education. Elementary education. Applied statistics. Journalism.Tourism.


Property management. Designing of telecommunication systems. Electrical engineering. Computer engineering. Mechanical engineering. Chemical engineering.

Higher education in Spain in English - Bachelor's degree:

Business Administration and Management - Faculty of Economics and Business

Economy-Faculty of Economics and Business

Primary education - Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences

Estudios Ingleses- Faculty of Philosophy and Writing



University selection, enrollment and visa support.


University selection, enrollment and visa support.

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