Lawyer in Spain

In connection with the move to Spain, many issues must be solved with a lawyer. Since anything that might seem simple to you, it may turn out to be perfect upon arrival.

We have been advising our clients for many years on the following issues:

  • Visa application

  • Obtaining a residence permit. Change of type of residence permit.

  • Designing a legal structure for the company's opening. An individual entrepreneur in Spain.

  • Taxation

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Visa to Spain

Free consultation. List of documents. Accompaniment in the process of preparing documents. 


Free consultation. List of documents, according to the type of residence permit. Assistance in collecting documents. Escort on arrival in Spain.   

Individual entrepreneur in Spain

Designing of the legal structure. Help specialists when drafting a business plan. Accounting records keeping. 

Payment of taxes. Tax returns

Free consultation. Taxes for residents and non-residents of Spain. Drawing up of tax returns. Payment of taxes. 

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